Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Marriageability : A dusky bubbly Bong gal's diary

Hi all !! I am an average looking, dusky, "well-fed" Bengali girl in my late 20s with "no" flat stomach and very little thigh gap. I am not complaining guys! Rather I am thankful to God for giving me a "better than average" central nervous system that enabled me to become a good academician. My vital organs like the brain and the heart confuse me a lot and so I have handed over the task of finding the "right" man for me to my parents. So, like many other traditional higher middle-class Bengali families, my parents have engaged themselves  to "arrange" "marriage" for me. They are, indeed, quite satisfied with the job as they were afraid, in the past, of me getting married to a "sabziwala" !
"Wanted a fair, slim, beautiful bride " - the most common tag-line of almost all matrimonial columns asking for brides. Ahh! I dont fit in there! It is much easier to qualify a national-level exam! I really dont want to get thin for someone unless I am sick. All the more, I cant change my skin color ! Isn't it childish to blame my parents from whom I have got the phenotype? Mom looks naturally worried. No child is ugly to his/her parents. Don't you think likewise if you are a parent of a dusky boy or gal ?
I think that there are very few good men on the earth who think "rational'. Most of them are stuck in between their imaginations and realities. They woo Kajol and want Katrinas in their lives. It is also an important thing for some Indian men to introduce their "pretty" "presentable" wives to their office colleagues. And education does matter if a girl earns a good out of it. I have even heard a boy's father asking my mom, "how many bucks does your girl earn?" Many people here imitate the Westerners aimlessly. They spend money on "fairness" creams and potions but do not ever wonder why the western people are eager to get tanned ! Even the voluptous Vidya is unable to create an irreversible impact and Sunny Leone remains their "dark fantasy".
I thank my mom for asking a priceless question to a boy's father : "will you tell your boy to divorce if my daughter grows healthy by your family's relentless care after being married to your boy?" Well mom, some people get silly issues to get separated that are beyond your assumptions. Finally, I like to stay positive and wait for a "WISE" man with a big .................. HEART. :-D